Slot Overview: Raven Rising

When compared to other types of gaming, one of the cool things about online slots is the astounding variety of themes they are dressed up in. There is so much to choose from that it’s like opening your preferred streaming service and having trouble deciding what to watch first. One of the reasons why slot games based on the Vikings keep appearing is because the topic is one of the most effective in the action/adventure genre. Consumers of media can’t resist the Vikings because of their fascination with the brutality, heroism, and occasionally mystical character of the culture. One such time period is the one we’re in now. The Swedish developer Quickspin has released a new slot machine called Raven Rising. Raven Rising is a cascading slot machine with a rising multiplier and Ragnarök Free Spins, as well as some really attractive graphics.

Players in Raven Rising will accompany two seafaring Vikings on a quest to free energy trapped within mythological stones that have a connection to Thor, the God of Thunder. Midgrd is where the main action takes place, and the setting is a cold, snowy area with a 5×3 game grid set up next to two Vikings. Raven Rising’s captivating soundtrack and beautiful visuals give the game a dreamlike, comic book-like atmosphere throughout. Quickspin describes the difference between the standard game and free spins as “soft as a lamb” and “volatile as Thor’s hammer,” respectively.

Free spins may be purchased when they appear, but otherwise the game is played at a fixed 20 p/c to £/€100 each spin. The Raven Rising RTP ranges from 96.07% to 94.19%, with a reduction to 87% possible in certain markets. The slot is playable across several platforms. Quickspin rates the volatility at 4.5 out of 5 at maximum RTP, with the standard game’s share of RTP at 64.12% and the free spins portion at the remaining 35.88%.

There are 20 fixed paylines that run from left to right across the board, with payouts occurring when any combination of three or more identical symbols appears on adjacent reels, beginning with reel 1. The low-paying rune royals are J through A, whereas the high-paying ones are axes, hammers, Freyja, and Odin. When five identical symbols appear in a line, a reward of 1.25 times the wager up to 70 times the bet is awarded. Furthermore, wilds are useful here since they may replace any of the aforementioned pay symbols. If you get five wilds on a winning line, you’ll get 125 times your wager.

Slot Machine Features in Raven Rising

The Raven Rising add-ons are basic but effective, and they include tumbling reels, growing multipliers, free spins with the Ragnarök symbol, and a purchase option.


Tumbling symbols replace winning lines on the game board when this option is activated. After the symbols have been jumbled, if another winning combination forms, the function will be activated again. When there are no more victories, the tumbling stops.

Multiplier that Goes Up

When a winning combination of symbols is rolled off the board in the Midgrd base game, the win multiplier rises by 1. As soon as no more tumbles happen, the multiplier returns to x1 for the next normal spin.

Spins for Free at Ragnarök

Free games of 7, 10, or 15 are given out if 3, 4, or 5 Raven Scatter symbols appear anywhere in the main game. If you get 3, 4, or 5 Raven Scatters during the bonus game, you’ll get 3, 5, or 7 extra free spins, accordingly. Players have the option of partaking in the Ragnarök Gamble before their free spins begin. Players who wager and win advance to the next free spins level (up to 15), while those who lose lose all of their free spins. Each winning symbol that is eliminated during the Ragnarök Free Spins boosts the multiplier by 1. There is no reset of the multiplier between free games, either.

Add-On Purchase

If a player has the purchase function available, they can pay to get Ragnarök Free Spins right now. If you get three or more Raven Scatter symbols, you’ll be sent to a bonus game where you may win 100 times your wager. You may get a 96.57% RTP when you buy spins for free.

Slot Verdict in Raven Rising

Raven Rising is a worthy contender among the many no-holds-barred Viking-themed slot machines available. The graphics of the game are the initial hammer blow, conveying a harsh, merciless universe in which heroes either rise up and smash their way to fame or are knocked down trying. This is a throwback to a time before the ‘Lambo or Ramen’ mentality of today’s fame-seekers. Quickspin has built a game that lays down an alluring gauntlet, inviting players in for a punt if they are up to the challenge, and the plot is terrific to boot.

Now let’s talk about the slot’s gameplay, which matches the aesthetic well. It’s hard to begrudge what’s on offer, despite the fact that Quickspin’s feature boffins may not have dreamed up a lot of brand-new gameplay. Combining the success of tumbles with a multiplier that increases with time is a great addition to the original game. However, the studio has included a simple but possibly catastrophic twist during free spins. It’s important reiterating that, unlike in other games, the multiplier goes up by one point whenever a winning symbol is eliminated from the board. In principle, this setup can significantly increase the factor. There is some leeway for harm to be done because the symbol values are decent and five-of-a-kind victories are acceptable. However, the maximum payoff of 6.804.35x the wager was recorded during 100,000,000 simulated spins, which is perhaps not as much as you’d like.

With all that tumbling and multiplication going on, berserkers would have expected more, and to be honest, a larger max win might have propelled Raven Rising into a higher league. However, not every game can smash records, and Raven Rising’s straightforward yet potent design allows for some truly explosive moments.






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